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Rami's Cut Barbershop (8 images)
2540 Shaughnessy St #112; 22367 Lougheed Hwy
Port Coquitlam; Maple Ridge, BC
Tel: (604) 554-0209; (604) 380-3034

Rami's cut is an experience. The design and atmosphere are catering to young urban men. There are two locations, decorated variously with graffiti art, big blocks of red/gold color, things like a foosball table, vending machines, etc. Expect rap/hip hop to be playing. Most of the barbers are younger men (some of them act like it). You'll probably see a mix of classic barber cuts and more men's salon styles when you're there.

Bobby does crazy awesome flattops. I can't specifically recommend any of the other barbers, but Bobby is the man for your flattop needs. I get a high and tight with a decent landing strip, but I wouldn't hesitate to ask for any length. Call ahead to ask where he's located - he works out of both the Port Coquitlam and Maple Ridge locations.

Submitted 30 Jan 2017

The Barber Shop
950 West Broadway #103
Vancouver, BC
Tel: 6046207811

Sami is the flattop expert, and he is also the owner of the shop. Great guy with free hot towel service.

Submitted 18 Nov 2016 by Paul C.


Romeo's Barber Shop
4337 Drummond Rd.
Niagara Falls, ON

This is the best place in the Niagara region to get a flat. It's a one man shop, with an excellent barber. He takes his time, even if the shop is full of waiting customers. Even though he is very familiar with all types of flats, bring a picture with you if you want something especially tight. He is cautious with first time customers, and is reluctant to go too short. Be prepared for long wait times.

Submitted 8 Jan 2017 by cigarbarber

Aristotelis Hair Styling
438 Richmond Street W
Toronto, ON
Tel: (416) 593-0856

The shop is now primarily run by Larry, the son of the original owner. He is the first barber as you walk in. Larry is by far the best barber in the greater Toronto area for any type of flattop. He is a perfectionist, and takes his time. Unfortunately this shop does not offer straight razor shaves.

Submitted 8 Jan 2017 by cigarbarber

Adam Barber Shop
137 Lower Jarvist St
Toronto, ON

Yousef, the owner (first chair by the door), is a very skilled barber. I've never had a super short haircut from him, but the flats I've gotten have been very well done. If you are in downtown Toronto, this would be the next best choice after Aristotelis. Business has grown rapidly. I have no feedback on the other barbers. Yousef gives very good straight razor shaves.

Submitted 8 Jan 2017 by cigarbarber

Uptown Barbershop
4 Isabella Street
Toronto, ON

This is a two man shop in the northern end of downtown. Valentino, the owner, is at first chair near the door. I would trust him with any haircut. He is highly skilled. Bring a picture of the haircut you want. He is used to short/skinned cuts, and has no hesitation to straight razor the sides and back. Excellent face shaves.

Submitted 8 Jan 2017 by cigarbarber


Lady's and Gentleman's Club
7801 Blvd Taschereau
Brossard, QC
Tel: 514-244-6626

Tony is a famous barber! His father is a barber, and he was one of my teachers when I was learning to cut hair. Tony is an absolute professional, competent, and very funny. He speaks Italian, French and English.

I've gotten a standard, medium length flattop from Tony. I haven't tried him yet for a short flattop or other styles.

Submitted 17 Nov 2016 by buzzcutmontreal