Flattop Specialists

The flattop is an iconic haircut. It comes in many styles and variations that have ebbed and flowed over time. People associate the flattop with astronauts, servicemembers, athletes, law enforcement, and old school hip hop. It evokes a sense of confidence, strength, self-assurance, and determination.

A flattop stands out because it's unlike any other haircut. The challenge is to take an unruly mess of hair and give it a new nature - to create sharp angles and planes, and train the hair to stand straight at attention. It's a difficult skill to master. Not every barber knows how to cut them, or has the chance to perfect their technique. But the ones who do tend to take pride in their flattops. They know that an expertly cut flattop is a badge of experience and skill among barbers.

People who wear flattops are equally dedicated. They learn what works best to get their hair standing up straight. They're the first ones to spot when their cut is losing its shape. They know that a great flattop barber is rare, because their haircut has an uncommonly low margin of error. When they find one who cuts their hair just the way they like it, they tend to be loyal patrons.

This site was created to help people who wear a flattop to find a great barber in their area. It's also a community to share your experiences, art, photos, questions, and thoughts related to traditional barbering, and particularly flattops. We're excited to launch the site! And we have many features planned for roll out. For now, you can help build this community by submitting a flattop barbershop listing.