Graham Barber Shop

Graham Barber Shop
117 N Main St
Graham, NC
Tel: (336) 684-2368

Donnie and Bil came in and renovated the old barbershop next to the cinema a few years back. It's a classic, old fashioned type of barbershop. They specialize in flattops and other military cuts, and they'll even do a straight razor shave for you if you want it. Never have to worry about a botched flattop here - they know how to do em right, and can even do it freehand. Personally I go to Donnie for my flattops, but they both do plenty of em.

Submitted 26 Feb 2017

Want to say that Bill and Donnie are great with flattops. Perfect flattops every time. The shop was busy when I was there waiting over an hour and saw them cut four flattops between the two of them.

For pictures of their flattops, go to Yelp:

Submitted 16 Apr 2017

A flattop aficionado has informed us that the owner of this shop and flattop master, Donnie, has sold the shop and moved on to a different career. A sad loss for barbering, but we wish him the best with his new pursuits. We'll leave this listing up as a tribute to an excellent barber shop and it's legacy.

The shop still exists, but we hear that they don't specialize in flattops anymore.

Submitted 27 Apr 2024 by admin