Nicolleti Hair Stylists

Nicolleti Hair Stylists
27629 Chagrin Blvd
Cleveland, OH

The place advertises itself as a salon, but there are some seriously good barbers here. I had Lisa when I went there, told her I wanted a flattop, and she knew exactly what to do. It ended up being a complete grooming experience. She started off with a shampoo, cut/buzzed me, conditioned after, and did a hot towel at the end. She definitely subscribes to the old style of flattops, so if you are looking for someone who will give you a great boxy flattop, go see her.

Submitted 8 Jul 2017

Hello Everyone, I just had a client tell me I was listed here! I am so excited! Thank you for the great review - The Flattop is one of my MOST favorite cuts to do...along wit shaving someone's head or face!

Just wanted to let you all know that I have opened my own shop:

It's All About the Experience

4953 Brainard Road

Orange, Ohio 44022

You can book online at - www.LisaTheBarber. com

Thank you again! - Lisa

Submitted 28 Oct 2021 by LisaTheBarber