Super Barbers

Super Barbers
5239 Hazel Ave
Fair Oaks, CA
Tel: 916-967-0234

Wow, The owner of this shop, Oen, gives the best flattop I've ever had. I think I've tried every barber in town before now and its been a challenge to get a flattop that is crisp and precise. I've gone to her for regular flattops with a 2 on the sides and back and those haircuts have been great. But this last time, I took a picture of a high and tight flattop with the back and sides skinned and I loved it. No dips and gouges, everything even and sides, back and landing strip taken down to the skin. I've had so many compliments. For a great haircut in the Sacramento area, go see Oen.

Submitted 13 Dec 2017 by Michael H.

Sad news, this shop closed earlier this year (2022) They were totally hammered by the pandemic and held on as long as they could. No word on whether or not Song Yee is still barbering anywhere.

Submitted 21 Mar 2023 by mhansen328