Relentless Barbers

Relentless Barbers
4050 Airport Center Drive
Palm Springs, CA
Tel: 760-422-7507

Awesome new shop in Palm Springs. Owner's name is Daniel and he is an incredible barber. While this shop is only 3 months old, he spent the last 6 years cutting at a shop near Camp Pendleton and gave many many Marines their weekly cuts. As he was cutting my flat (a little longer as I am growing out a bad cut) he talked about how he used to do so many horseshoes and recons on the Marines before the grooming standards changed. He loves doing flattops and a request for a horseshoe flat will be promptly done. He used the edgers, the foil razor and finally the straight edge to do the sides and back after I said skin. He said, you want it pretty high right? Music to my ears. I said yes. Ended up with a really great flattop. I am going back next week. He is a young guy (mid 20's) but he can cut a fantastic flat.

Submitted 28 Mar 2018 by Flattopguy