Carm's Barbershop

Carm's Barbershop
344 Military Rd
Buffalo, NY

Carm's is a two chair shop in a somewhat seedy part of Buffalo, but they've been there forever and are part of the dwindling cadre of barbers that can cut flats and don't hesitate when you ask for one. I had Sonny (bald barber) in the first chair closest to the door.

You face the mirror the entire time, he used corded Oster clippers. The flat turned out good, it was almost angled downward/forward... not sure how to describe it exactly but my silhouette still showed a perfect flat when I was walking down the sidewalk. Make sure to specify if you want the sides taken down to the skin, I still had some fuzz so I suspect he used a 0 blade.

Hot lather shave around neck and ears to finish, $20 as of 2022.

Submitted 1 Nov 2022