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Ray's Flattop Joint
2010 McCulloch Blvd
Lake Havasu City, AZ
Tel: 928-733-6323

Ray is one awesome flattop barber. He loves doing flattops and it shows. Took lots of time on mine. Once he was sure I wanted military short he went to town. Perfect skinned sides, back and landing strip. Not one hair out of place and perfectly flat. Very nice guy. He says when he starts balding too much at his crown, he plans on wearing a horseshoe flat himself. So, check him out. By the time you do he may be a horseshoed barber !

Submitted 28 Mar 2018 by Flattopguy

There's a barber here in my home town his name is Joe. Joe does awesome flattops fades and even shaves you if you need it. He does excellent work and Joe is very reasonable on his cuts.

Submitted 22 Nov 2022 by Chris S.

Foothills Barbers (5 images)
2912 W Ina Rd., Suite 120
Tucson, AZ
Tel: (520) 887-5242
URL: foothillsbarbers.com

I love this barbershop, because the barbers know how to do good classic barbershop haircuts. They're friendly and professional. There are about 5 guys total. The shop has a bunch of flat screens around that are usually playing some old show or movie.

Steve, who owns the shop, and Elijah, are the ones to see for a flattop. Sometimes they book up (usually not too far in advance), so you might want to make an appointment on their website. But they do quality high and tight flattops and will get your top down nice and level for you.

Submitted 17 Feb 2017

Went to get a flat top and Steve the owner is booked three months out and was gonna have another barber in the shop who had never done a horseshoe flat top do it. Nothing like being pawned off on another barber. I don’t recommend as Steve doesn’t need new customers. He won’t give you the time of day.

Submitted 8 Dec 2022 by jjmrks


Jerry's Old Tyme Barbershop (64 images)
8685 19th St
Alta Loma, CA
Tel: (909) 945-2464
URL: www.instagram.com/jerrys_oldtyme_barbershop

There's a guy named KC here, who is one of the best barbers at flattops I've ever seen. His technique is excellent. He can freehand a perfectly sharp and square flattop, and he takes special care in doing them right. If you want it boxy, high and tight, horseshoes, high top, he can do it all. I've also seen good flattops from Marco and Bella, so you could try them out too. You might want to call in advance and ask if you need an appointment, because they can get busy.

Submitted 4 Feb 2017 by Anon

KC is the absolute master of flat tops and he’s a really nice good guy. I highly recommend

Submitted 6 Aug 2021 by jjmrks

I agree with both the prior reviews regarding KC at Jerry's Barber Shop - he cuts a fantastic flattop and provides a great shave, one of the best!

Submitted 13 Oct 2021 by FlatsVA

America’s Barbershop
18985 Bear Valley Rd #4
Apple Valley, CA
Tel: (760) 247-7712

Erik does one of the best flat tops I’ve ever received. He loves to do them and likes to get it super short and military. I highly recommend

Submitted 6 Aug 2021 by jjmrks

Diamond Cuts
67555 E. Palm Vanyon Drive, Suite F112
Cathedral City, CA
Tel: 760-656-7700
URL: diamondcuts.org

This is a new shop near Palm Springs, CA. Has a youthful, urban vibe (not usually my thing) but it was recommended by a friend. The barber to see here is Juan Wong. While in his early thirties, he had lots of experience cutting perfect flattops in Indio. He is incredibly conscientious about keeping his tools sanitized and devotes time to his cuts. He books every cut for one hour and with the cut, followed by having the sides, back and landing strip shaved, he used most of that time. It was a perfect horseshoe flat. I have been back 3 times and perfect every time.

Submitted 19 Dec 2018 by Flattopguy

The Gentleman's Barber Shop (6 images)
10218 Beaumont Ave
Cherry Valley, CA
Tel: (951) 845-3510
URL: www.instagram.com/67gentlemansbarbershop

Junior, the owner, cuts a mean flattop. Tight in the sides and sharp through the corners, crisp and level on top just like you want it. This whole shop is great. Very friendly, sharp cuts, super professional, with a nice old school vibe. Definitely a must if you're looking for a good flattop.

Submitted 18 Dec 2016

Junior does some of the best flat top haircuts ever but ONLY have Junior cut a a flat top. I went today and had another barber cut my flat top and it was a huge disaster and now hopefully Junior can fix it. DO NOT under any circumstances have ANY other barber but Junior do your flat top

Submitted 8 Dec 2021 by jjmrks

Jo's Barber Shop
8215 Auburn Blvd. Unit C
Citrus Heights, CA
Tel: 9167353424
URL: https://www.officialjosbarbershop.com

Aaron is the shop's owner and an absolute master of the flattop. I've run the gamut of flattop variations; longer to skinned high and tight and every haircut is perfect. I can't speak for the other barbers in the shop because I've only had experience with Aaron but from observation, I think everyone is pretty good. The thing that separates Aaron on the flattop front is that he loves to do them.

Submitted 3 May 2022 by mhansen328

Super Barbers
5239 Hazel Ave
Fair Oaks, CA
Tel: 916-967-0234

Wow, The owner of this shop, Oen, gives the best flattop I've ever had. I think I've tried every barber in town before now and its been a challenge to get a flattop that is crisp and precise. I've gone to her for regular flattops with a 2 on the sides and back and those haircuts have been great. But this last time, I took a picture of a high and tight flattop with the back and sides skinned and I loved it. No dips and gouges, everything even and sides, back and landing strip taken down to the skin. I've had so many compliments. For a great haircut in the Sacramento area, go see Oen.

Submitted 13 Dec 2017 by Michael H.

Sad news, this shop closed earlier this year (2022) They were totally hammered by the pandemic and held on as long as they could. No word on whether or not Song Yee is still barbering anywhere.

Submitted 21 Mar 2023 by mhansen328

Gene's Barber Shop (37 images)
4673 Thornton Ave
Fremont, CA
Tel: (510) 745-8814

Gene's Barber Shop is a fixture in Fremont. He's been at this location for thirty years. It's a three man shop, old school type of place. Gene is the one you want for flattops. He calls them his specialty, and the experience shows. He gets a lot of customers for flattops too! I see him doing them pretty frequently when I'm in there, maybe every other time I visit.

Submitted 15 Nov 2016

Santa Clara Sports Barbershop (37 images)
24891 Santa Clara St.
Hayward, CA
Tel: (510) 780-9735
URL: www.instagram.com/santaclarasportsbarbershop/

I think this is one of the best places to get a flattop in the Bay Area! It's an old fashioned shop, hidden in a little strip mall at the crossing of 580 and 92. There's a sports theme, with lots of memorabilia around the shop, and a few flat screens playing a game or the news. The shop has six or seven chairs, all pretty close together. It's a nice place to just go hang out, chat with some guys, and get a good haircut.

Robert, the owner, does most of the flattops. He is outstanding at them! He can do any style - high and tight, long and conservative, boxy or rounded, fenders, military style horseshoes, you name it. He takes pride in his flattops, and they end up technically perfect, not a hair out of place. I've also seen some excellent flattops from Chris. All the guys at this shop do meticulous cuts. They'll do great at any barbershop cut you want. I've seen excellent fades, crewcuts, lineups, high and tights, the works. Check them out!

Edit: Call in advance to check which barbers are in for the day. They own a second shop in Danville, and sometimes barbers work out of different locations.

Submitted 13 Nov 2016

Took the recommendation from here and was not disappointed. Great shop with 6 male barbers. Called to ask if I needed an appointment and was told "No sir, this is a real barber shop". Just what I like to hear. Waited for the owner Robert and asked for a hnt horseshoe flat and face shave. He was concerned I had some product (suavecito pomade) in my hair, however it wasn't a problem. He took great care and I was very pleased with the result. Excellent barber and really knows flattops.

Master with the straight razor too on the sides and back as well as my face. Will definitely visit again next time I'm in the Bay Area.

Submitted 19 Dec 2016 by Clipperaddict

Based on these previous reviews I went today to get my flattop tightened up, bald fade on the sides and back and received a great cut with a perfectly level top with a nice landing strip - Robert did a great job. Robert is a great barber, makes you feel welcome, very precise in his cut and a just genuine nice guy. I wished I lived closer, as he would be my go to barber!

Submitted 28 Oct 2017 by FlatsVA

Blade Barber Shop & Shave Parlour
515 E. 19th Street
Maryville, CA
Tel: 530-777-3493

I have been going to Steve Gonzales for the last 3 years. He is by far an expert at flattops - each cut is flat and tight - and also any short military type cut. Steve takes his time and makes sure each cut is exactly as you want. He also gives great hot towel shaves. He aims to please.

Steve recently opened his own shop in Maryville, CA. which is very clean and spacious. There are 5 barbers to serve you, Steve is the second chair on the left. You will not be disappointed.

Submitted 17 Jan 2017 by FlatsVA

Luigi's Barbershop
118 La Plaza
Palm Springs, CA
Tel: 760-864-9557
URL: romans.luigisbarbershop.com

Great old shop in the historic plaza in downtown Palm Springs. Six chair shop. All of the barbers do flattops, but the flattop master is Ben, in the back of the shop. Shaved head, long red beard. If you want an extremely precise flattop, if you want a horseshoe, or shaved sides and back, or even a shaved landing strip, Ben is the guy to see. Of course, he also does less severe flats as well as all other cuts. He is great with a straight razor.

Submitted 18 Nov 2016 by Flattopguy

Relentless Barbers
4050 Airport Center Drive
Palm Springs, CA
Tel: 760-422-7507

Awesome new shop in Palm Springs. Owner's name is Daniel and he is an incredible barber. While this shop is only 3 months old, he spent the last 6 years cutting at a shop near Camp Pendleton and gave many many Marines their weekly cuts. As he was cutting my flat (a little longer as I am growing out a bad cut) he talked about how he used to do so many horseshoes and recons on the Marines before the grooming standards changed. He loves doing flattops and a request for a horseshoe flat will be promptly done. He used the edgers, the foil razor and finally the straight edge to do the sides and back after I said skin. He said, you want it pretty high right? Music to my ears. I said yes. Ended up with a really great flattop. I am going back next week. He is a young guy (mid 20's) but he can cut a fantastic flat.

Submitted 28 Mar 2018 by Flattopguy

2 Percent Barbershop (12 images)
7908 Monet Ave
Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Tel: (909) 922-8080
URL: 2percentbarbershop.com

This is a pretty cool barbershop. It has a modern/industrial feeling to it, with brick walls and pipes hanging down from the ceiling. There's one barber, Eric, who really likes doing flattops and is rather good at them. He tends to cut them a bit more rounded in the corners than I'm used to, but they're still very good. And he'll do whatever style you like, from a longer flattop to the shortest horseshoe. Definitely worth giving them a shot if you're in the area. The prices are a bit on the expensive side.

Submitted 4 Feb 2017

Electric Barbershop
3571 Main Street
Riverside, CA
Tel: 951-394-8805
URL: www.electricbarbershop.com

Ron Talley, the co-owner of Electric Barbershop, cuts a very good flattop. He is extremely meticulous and will not quit until it is perfect. He also LOVES cutting flattops. He works by appointment an allows one hour for each cut. While he was cutting my hair, we spent much of the time talking about flattops, how they are his favorite cut to do, and how he wishes he had more flattop clients. The shop has only been open 8 months, but is starting to catch on. He said he is pretty busy on Fridays and Saturdays, but not so much other days. I highly suggest you make and appointment and have Ron cut your hair if you want a terrific flattop experience.

Submitted 28 Sep 2017 by Flattopguy

Knock Out Barber Shop (18 images)
2829 Del Paso Blvd
Sacramento, CA
Tel: (916) 927-3989
URL: www.instagram.com/knockoutbarbershopsacramento

This is an awesome barber shop! Very laid back and friendly. It has a boxing theme (see the name), with some memorabilia around the shop. Gabe is your guy for flattops. He can do any style... fenders, longer, high and tights, horseshoes, whatever you want. He really likes doing flattops too. He suggested mine the first time I got it. He's a former marine, and he does excellent military haircuts. But these guys can do all kinds of haircuts, at a great price. And they're great with kids too! I definitely recommend this place if you're in Sacramento.

Submitted 17 Dec 2016

Gabe is an amazing flat top barber and I highly recommend a severe horseshoe flat top at this shop.

Submitted 21 Feb 2022 by jjmrks

Stay Gold Barbershop (9 images)
230 N. Central Ave.; 16887 Spring St.
Upland; Fontana, CA
Tel: (909) 630-9425; (909) 356-1663
URL: www.staygoldbarbershop.com

This is an awesome, classic barbershop. These guys can do any style of traditional or modern barbershop haircut you want. They have beautiful old school barber chairs, great decorations, it's just a good place to go and hang out and get a haircut. And it's rare to find a place with so many barbers who are good at flattops. I've seen great ones from Rob and Ruben (Fontana location), and from Eric (Upland).

Submitted 20 Jan 2017


Coal Creek Barbers
711 S. Public Road
Lafayette, CO
Tel: 303-665-8262
URL: http://www.coalcreekbarbers.com/index.html

Coal Creek Barbers is a traditional barbershop with three barbers, all doing bald fades, high and tights and crewcuts all day long. Dan the owner is the first chair and does a lot of flattops. He is precise with his work, making sure each cut is perfect. You'll never have to worry that your flat is crooked or not like you asked if Dan is cutting your hair. This is a very busy shop and an appointment is usually recommended. They are also very friendly and the conversation is interesting. I go every two weeks to get mine tightened back up again.

Submitted 18 Nov 2016 by RayMan


Smitty's Barbershop (3 images)
16 W. Main St.
Sharon, CT
Tel: (845) 233-8484
URL: www.instagram.com/smittys_barbershop

This is a great new shop that just opened up recently. The owner, Corey, is a young guy, but he can already do a very good flattop. He's part of a new generation of barbers that are bringing back traditional barbering. If you live around these parts, you know that a good flattop is hard to come by! The shop has a traditional old style atmosphere, and three chairs, but right now Corey's the only barber. Hopefully he'll stick around for a long time and we'll have a quality guy for flattops for years to come.

Submitted 6 Feb 2017

District of Columbia

Jajo Barber and Stylist
404 8th St SE
Washington, DC
Tel: 202-795-9889
URL: www.jajo15.com

I have not been to Jajo's but I have a friend who does and gets a great HnT flattop there. He swears by them as a good place to get a flat. They are located across from the Marine Barracks in SE Washington, so they get a lot of Marine clients there. It seems to be the best replacement for the old 8th and I (Sneed's) shop. Jajo's has all female barbers.

Submitted 29 Jan 2017


Carl's Barber Shop
13180 W. State Rd. 84
Davie, FL
Tel: 954-4759277

HUGE barbershop. 16 barbers. They have a sign spinner on the road to bring in more business. Mirrors all around with back to back benches in the middle of the shop that you sit on as you wait. I was told all the barbers could cut a good flattop (something I know to never believe and by watching other barbers could see was not true). I was fortunate to get Ernesto in the far back left corner. He has a super great attention to detail. And, although my hair was really short already, did not flinch at my request for a flattop. I left looking like a highway patrolman, which is what I wanted. Skinned sides, and landing strip. They say they are the home of the Davie flattop, I never did get to ask what that meant-best flattop in Davie or a particular kind. Maybe another member here will give them a try and find out.

Submitted 4 Jan 2018 by Flattopguy

815 NE 13th Street
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Tel: (954) 399-2327
URL: www.bucknbeard.me

Jose Lima is the best. He was just voted best barber in Ft Lauderdale by SFGN. The shop is located behind the Warsaw Coffee shop, which was also voted best coffee shop. It's a great place to hang and relax. There's great food, and the best coffee... but the haircuts are absolutely the best!!! I fly from Vancouver, Canada to get his flat top cut, and relax at my house in Wilton Manors.

Submitted 18 Nov 2016 by Paul C.

Dennis J's Barbershop (5 images)
4346 N. Federal Highway / 913 N. Federal Highway
Fort Lauderdale, FL
Tel: (954) 938-1526 / (954) 530-0202
URL: dennisjsbarbershop.com

The 4346 N. Federal Hwy location is a very clean four chair shop, located in strip mall. Jon is the owner and a great barber. He started cutting hair as a kid, did it in the Navy for years, and now he works in his own shops. He has two locations, so call or check on their site to see where he's working when you visit. I had him clean up my flattop, and he did a great job. He clipper shaved and then razor shaved the sides and back for me, perfectly flat. It was bit less boxy than I usually get, but he was a terrific flattop barber.

Submitted 8 Jan 2017 by Flattopguy

American Made Barbershop
1206 NE 4th Avenue
Fort Lauderdale, FL
URL: https://www.yelp.com/biz/american-made-barbershop-fort-lauderdale-2

Small shop with friendly barbers. I had Shannon, and he did an excellent horseshoe flat from a grown out shave. I believe his partner, Cole, also does good flats. Shannon wasn't afraid to go short, and I think generally it would be a great place for any sort of short cut. LGBT friendly also.

Submitted 22 Dec 2019

Mariner's Barber Shop
13898 us-1
Juno Beach, FL
Tel: 5615966899

owned by Gary and his wife.

Gary is a former Navy man. He does a great flattop. Just a supper nice guy who

runs a great little barber shop.

Submitted 18 Sep 2021 by Matthew B.

Atlantis Barbers (50 images)
651 W Indiantown Rd # N
Jupiter, FL
Tel: (561) 575-9618
URL: www.instagram.com/barberpheel

This shop is a gem if you're looking for a high quality flattop. Phil Brown is the owner, and the guy you want to see. Flattops are one of his specialties. He really likes doing them, and it shows in the results. I've mostly seen boxier high and tights here, but he can put in a nice landing strip too. He also does some pretty cool mohawks. But if you're near Jupiter and looking for a great flattop barber, look no further.

Submitted 29 Jan 2017

Kirkland's Barber Shop (2 images)
4816 S Florida Ave
Lakeland, FL
Tel: (863) 648-2951
URL: www.facebook.com/Kirklands-Barber-Shop-144041485627368

I found a new place to get my flattop tuned up in central Florida! It's called Kirkland's Barber Shop. Nice classic old school place, four man shop, good for traditional barber skills, and also lineups and fades, things like that. Lindsay Kirkland owns the shop. He does a clean flattop, doesn't get much cleaner. I don't trust my flattop with anyone, but it looks like you can land a plane on it when he's done. Five stars.

Submitted 20 Feb 2017

Van Dyke Road Barbershop
6054 Van Dyke Road
Lutz, FL
Tel: 813-443-3559
URL: www.vandykebarbers.com

A traditional four chair all male barbershop working by appointment. Master barber Rick working the first chair is the man to see for a great flattop, he did an outstanding job on mine - precise, nice and level with a great landing strip, one of the best that I have had in a long time. Rick took his time and did it right. He also gives a great hot towel lather shave.

Submitted 16 May 2022 by FlatsVA

Nick's Barber Shop
6735 Conroy Windermere Rd #112
Orlando, FL
Tel: (407) 223-1967
URL: www.facebook.com/Nicks-Barber-Shop-238304182879597/

Traditional barber chairs in a modern shop setting. There are four male barbers, ranging in age from early 20s to late 40s. I went after reading good reviews online. The place is walk-ins only. I was a little nervous when I got the youngest barber, Danni (as young barbers are not usually that proficient at flat tops). I told him I wanted a high and tight flat, and he set to work after verifying skin on the sides. He started by clearing the sides with his edgers - used the foil razor, then hot lather and straight razor. He was phenomenal at the fade from skin to the top. The top was left fuller than I prefer, but he did a great job getting it flat. I don't think he does many flats, so I didn't risk asking him to take the top down more. I was pleased with the result. There's a great atmosphere in the shop. All the barbers wear matching maroon barber smocks, and they all seemed very skilled. It seems like you take whichever barber comes up. You take a number when you go in. Even regulars were not waiting for a specific barber. The price was very reasonable, only $16. I didn't have time to try the hot towel shave.

Submitted 4 Dec 2016 by Clipperaddict


Piedmont Barbers
2350 Cheshire Bridge Rd
Atlanta, GA
Tel: 404-248-9999
URL: piedmontbarbers.com

There is a guy named Tracy there who does the best flattops on the planet. Heads up though... he does work by appointments and stays booked a few days in advance. But the flattops are worth the wait.

Submitted 18 Nov 2016 by Anon

Ranger Joe's Barber
771C Veteran's Parkway
Hinesville, GA
Tel: (912) 877-3044

The shop is open 7 days a week from 9 AM until 7 PM. The cuts are military, ranging from flattops to high and tights to trims. Most of the barbers are decent, both male and female. Andrew and Billy are the ones who do the best flattops. You can wait for the barber of your choice. Some days are busier than others, Sundays especially because of Monday inspection. No appointments, walk-ins only. Cost is cheap - $9.00 per cut.

Submitted 16 Jan 2017 by Gator58


Handcrafted Barbershop (40 images)
1215 W Grand Ave
Chicago, IL
Tel: (312) 265-1237
URL: www.handcraftedbarbershop.com

All around great shop with classic vibe. All the barbers are talented & friendly, but Greg is your guy to go to for a flat. He is meticulous and professional, taking ample time to make sure you leave looking sharp. He makes great conversation and is a personable guy. The flat he gave me was just what I asked for, short & classic. I like a slight bevel on the sides too & he accomplished that perfectly. He even shaved the sides for me after I changed my mind mid-cut. I've seen him cut a variety of flats, but short ones look to be his forte.

I was really impressed with the cut I got from him & if I ever decide to go flat again, I'll be back to see him!

Submitted 16 Nov 2016

Great barber shop and Greg is the man to go to for a flattop. Had wanted to go for years and finally made it. I could not have been happier with the result. He is meticulous. A friend who goes there regularly has also got his flattop cut by Will Valentine. He's new to the shop and cuts an amazing flat as well. There are guys who come from all over the world to get a flattop from Barber Greg. He has quite the following, and it is well-deserved. To top it all off he's a great guy too.

Submitted 18 Nov 2016 by Clipperaddict

UPDATE: Greg, who did a lot of the flattops here, has moved to Old Dog Barbershop (see entry below).

Submitted 22 Sep 2020

Joe's Barbershop Chicago
2641 W. Fullerton Ave
Chicago, IL
URL: joesbarbershopchicago.com

Great old time barbershop, established 1968. Joe Sr. started it but Joe Jr. owns it now with Sr. still working in the shop. When I walked in, I asked if they did good flattops. Joe Sr. said all the barbers did. Joe Jr. told me to sit in barber Brian Poskin's chair. It was the day after Xmas and the shop was empty. Brian told me later that just 5 minutes before he told Joe Jr. he was bored and wanted to do a flattop- and then I walked in. My hair had grown out a bit over the holiday and Brian asked if I wanted a longer flattop. I said no, shorter, like a cop or Marine would wear. That was all he needed to hear. Seconds later the clippers were run around my head, temple height, cutting to skin. After removing all the hair below that, he started on the top, wetting it and then blowing it dry. He is a perfectionist and spent a good additional 20 minutes getting the top to a skin tight landing strip and perfectly flat. He used a foil shaver to grind away all the hair on the sides and back and did a great transition from sides to top. Perfect flattop. He is a super nice guy. Third chair from the door. Used to own his own shop and believes in doing things right. And he loves doing flattops!

Submitted 4 Jan 2018 by Flattopguy

Old Dog Barbershop
2151W Division Street
Chicago, IL
Tel: 773 661 2381
URL: olddogbarbershop.com

Barber Greg, who used to work at Handcrafted Barbershop has opened his own shop. Greg is one of the top flattop barbers in the country. He loves doing them and his passion shows. He asks almost every client if they want to try a flattop. He has been very successful in getting guys to go flat. His horseshoe flats are works of art. He never rushes and they are always perfect. Super nice guy. There are a few other barbers there but I have only been to Greg. He books up quite quickly so make sure to make an appointment.

Submitted 3 Sep 2020 by Flattopguy

Cherry Street Barber Parlor
104 W Cherry St
Herrin, IL
Tel: (618) 300-8770
URL: https://square.site/book/B0GVAMFAZPZ14/cherry-street-barber-parlor-herrin-il

Another great flattop shop in Illinois! Aaron Boyd does a great high and tight military flattop. He's very precise and can carefully shape a perfect deck with skinned sides. I haven't tried the other barbers in this shop, but I would definitely recommend Aaron to anyone in the area.

Submitted 8 May 2024


Avon Barber Shop
8401 E. U.S. 36 - Ste. E
Avon, IN
Tel: (317) 707-7507
URL: avonbarbershop.net

This shop has at least three guys who can cut a good flat. Dave Worland taught them, and is teaching the rest. Dave Collins owns the shop, and Mike is good with a flat, too. Only Chris (the lone female) does not cut a flattop.

Submitted 15 Jan 2017 by indyyjr

Vinny's Barber Shop & Shaving Parlor
312 Main Street
Beach Grove, IN
Tel: 317-786-0091

I was visiting from out of town and found Vinny's Barber Shop and Shaving Parlor from Yelp reviews. Beech Grove is in the metro Indianapolis area. Six barbers in the shop to serve you, all patrons looked like they were getting exceptional short cuts.

Sergio - last chair on the right as you enter the shop - gave me an outstanding flattop with a bald fade on the sides. He shaved the sides with a straight edge razor and went out of his way to make sure I was satisfied. I also received a hot lather shave which was exceptional. He paid attention to detail and offered to shape and trim my eyebrows. If you are looking for a great flattop and shave, Sergio is the man. Haircut and shave at $30.00. The other barbers in the shop commented that Sergio trained them, and that he was the best.

Submitted 17 Jan 2017 by FlatsVA

John Stadler's Barbershop
590 Wabash Ave
Terre Haute, IN
Tel: (812) 242-2200
URL: www.johnstadlerbarbershop.com

Great barbershop to get a great flattop or other short style. Quick haircuts and excellent service. Both barbers are willing to go as short as you want including shaving the sides, or a complete head and face shave with a straight razor.

The owner John has been barbering for quite a long time and now has his son Austin working in the shop. John has given me a variety of flattops over the years ranging from long classics to a wicked shaved high and tight horseshoe. He listens to what you want and makes it happen. Austin has given me a few fades, high and tights, and even a head shave. Great service and they will take the time to make each cut perfect.

Submitted 7 Jan 2017 by Anon


Heads Together Barber Shop
110 NE Trilein Drive
Ankeny, IA
Tel: 515-964-1760

Great clean shop. Jerry knows what a Flattop, is and how to cut them. So many have said they cut them all the time and don't know the difference between a Flattop, Crew cut and a Buzz, Jerry does and will cut it right.

Submitted 23 Sep 2023 by KitKat

Great flattop barber, Father son shop by appointment only,

Submitted 28 Nov 2023

Dutchmans Barber Shop
1678 W.35th St
Davenport, IA
Tel: 563 391-6010

An old school barber shop, with taxidermy on the walls - a real man cave. This is the best flattop barber I know of in the quad cities. The place is owned by an ex Marine who knows what short is and how to cut a man's hair right.

Submitted 22 Jun 2019 by Anon

Groom Barber Lounge
717 Main Street
Pella, IA
URL: groombarberlounge.com

Scott gives me the perfect deck on my flattop, the best I have had in years. His shop is in the rear of his house, and he works by appointment only. Also, give yourself a treat and get a hot towel face shave while you're at it!

Submitted 18 Jan 2017 by Catlin D.

Papa's barber shop has changed it's name and location, It is now called the Groom Lounge and is located in downtown Pella

Submitted 28 Nov 2023 by Anon


Phil's Barber Shop
11 N Summit Ave
Gaithersburg, MD 20877, MD
Tel: (240) 361-2829
URL: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Phils-Barber/107380299319570

I got two of the best flattops ever in 30 years of wearing a flat from the owner, Phil. He spent more time with comb and blow dryer meticulously getting every hair standing up perfectly straight than most barbers spend on the entire haircut. When he began cutting, he was equally meticulous, cutting every hair clipper over comb, resulting in a clean, precise, tight cut that lasted a good week longer than other flats before it started to go limp and shapeless. Phil's would absolutely be my regular shop if I lived in the area. I detoured past on the way home from Washington DC just to get a second cut from Phil a year later. I was not disappointed.

Submitted 11 Aug 2017 by Roy L.

Based on the original review, I gave Phil's Barber Shop a try and I was not disappointed. It was a busy Saturday afternoon, all four chairs were occupied and Phil made the declaration as I entered the shop and was seated in the waiting chairs, that I was to wait for his chair to open up for a flattop. I knew I was going to be in good hands. Once seated in Phil's chair, he got my 2 week old flattop to stand erect with a little bit of spray and the blow dryer. He then proceeded to skin the sides to a great bald fade and leveled the top revealing a nice landing strip. The flattop turned out great. Even though the shop was busy all the barbers seem to take their time with each cut to deliver client satisfaction. I will make this my go to shop from now on.

Submitted 26 Nov 2017 by FlatsVA


Nick's Barber Shop
681 James Street
Chicopee, MA
Tel: 413-532-9525
URL: nicks-barbershop.com

Great barber shop to get a good military flattop haircut. Shop is located near a military reserve base so getting a high and tight flattop not a problem. All barbers seem to be equally skilled.

Submitted 23 Jul 2017 by FlatsVA

Erik's Barbershop
950 Main St.
Melrose, MA
Tel: (781) 662-8099
URL: www.eriksbarbershop.com

Erik is one of the best barbers to ever cut my flattop. I don't have easy hair to work with. It's pretty thick and curly, and not the most natural for a flattop. Most barbers can't take the deck down short and still keep it flat. Erik gave me an extremely flat and square cut, while taking it down to the skin on the sides and landing strip. His skills are excellent. Highly recommended!

Submitted 19 Nov 2016

The Chop Shop (15 images)
178 E Main St
Milford, MA
Tel: (508) 488-6518
URL: http://www.thechopshop508.com/

Nic is the one you want to go to for a flattop here. He's a good solid flattop barber, and he takes pride in his flattops. He has a fair number of clients coming in for them too. I'd say this is one of your best choices in the local area. Their prices are also very good.

Submitted 19 Dec 2016

The Barber's Nook 2 (9 images)
79 N Main St.
Webster, MA
Tel: 508-943-6200
URL: www.facebook.com/pg/The-Barbers-Nook-2-167435093287315

It's a bit out of the way but it's worth the trip to see Mr. Flattop himself. Paul is one of only three military barbers in MA, and he's very practiced at his craft. My dad has gotten a few nice tight horseshoes from Paul, and I've seen him perfect many longer, squarer ones as well. Also great at other military cuts. The shop has a very old-school feel as well.

Submitted 8 Jan 2017 by Jack S.

I've visited Mr. Flattop as well, when I used to live in the area. Paul had a great flattop himself, which is generally a good sign that a barber knows how to cut them. I personally did not get the best flattops I've ever had here. My hair is strongly wavy, and not the easiest to cut in a short flattop. But I've had other barbers who did a really outstanding job at making my hair as level and square as possible. My flattops here were ok. If you live in the area, and don't know of another option nearby, I would go here without reservation.

I can definitely corroborate the review of the shop. It's old school, with nice chairs, old military uniforms on loan from clients, and nice pictures on the wall (including a few flattops).

Submitted 12 Jan 2017


210 Barber Shop
8341 210th Street,
Lakeville, MN
Tel: 651.278.4918
URL: http://210barbershop.com/

Great one man shop. The owner is a former US Marine and knows how to cut an awesome high and tight flattop. Shop is very clean, traditional barber chairs. Hot lather razor shave. Will shave the sides and back.

Was very pleased with my flat. Check it out


Submitted 7 May 2019 by Clipperaddict


Courtney Brothers Barber & Shaving Parlor
1418 U.S. 40
Blue Springs, MO
Tel: (816) 228-7428
URL: courtneybrothers.com

The owners pride themselves on offering true old fashioned barber shop services. From flattops to head shaves, they are skilled master barbers. Tip - I think that Mike and Brice do the best flattops. Mike is the owner of the shop.

Submitted 25 Nov 2016 by Anon

Walnut Street Barber Shop
628 W Walnut Street
Blue Springs, MO
Tel: (816) 228-0966

This is a nice traditional barber shop in a strip mall. It's been there for some time from the look of it. Jim is a great barber, he gave me the best flattop I've gotten in 20 years. I'll be in his chair every time I get near it.

The first I time I went here, a young man had just gotten out of the chair with a nice boxy flat, #1 on the sides. Most barbers like to round off the corners and lose them a bit, but his were square and sharp. When I got into the chair, the barber asked how short I wanted it. I told him to skin the sides, figuring it would be as close as I could get to a horseshoe. He asked if I wanted them shaved. I was surprised, but said yes. He called it a high, tight and bloody. Since then I've been back twice to get cleaned up, and I'm planning on visiting at least twice a month if I can manage it.

Submitted 3 May 2018 by flattopcat

Don's Barber Shop
11511 E 23rd St
Independence, MO
Tel: (816) 461-0712

The current owner and only barber, Corey, took over the shop when his grandfather retired. Don't be afraid to go in the shop if both parking lots are full; Corey is quite fast, and yet also very skilled. Since this is a one-man shop, he doesn't often go the extra mile with hot towels, etc., but his haircuts are first rate. He can cut a flattop with ease. He won't hesitate to shave sides/back with hot lather and straight razor. And the price is only $12!

Submitted 17 Dec 2016 by razorrx

Nice old shop, but the young barber does not listen! asked for a recut on my flattop, asked for a horseshoe, and he gave me a BUTCH! To say the least I am anything but happy with it! Will never go back, or have Cory touch my hair again!

Submitted 10 Nov 2017 by Anon

New Hampshire

Stay True Barbershop (7 images)
45 Derry Rd
Hudson, NH
Tel: (603) 321-9852
URL: www.staytruebarbershop.com

Stay True is a great find for any guy who needs a flattop. You don't always find somewhere that really cares about doing them right, but this place is absolutely one of them. They call flattops one of their specialties. Corey, who owns the shop, is the master here. He can give you a proper flattop. It's a three chair shop, with beautiful old chairs. Kaleb and Frank, the other two barbers, are both learning flattops under Corey's instruction - that's how much he believes they're part of the craft. They do walk-ins, but I'd make an appointment on the website. They tend to book up.

Submitted 6 Feb 2017

Parliament Barber Shop
406 Chestnut St.
Manchester, NH
Tel: (603) 606-2200
URL: https://parliamentbarbershop.com

Nick Zona does a nice flattop. Got mine cut from him a few times. He does a good high and tight, nice and flat on top, can skin the sides if you want it. Make an appointment on their site in advance.

Submitted 24 Aug 2020

New Jersey

Ed's Barber Shop
628 W Collings Ave
Oaklyn, NJ
Tel: (856) 858-0114

Old school shop, three chairs, just outside East Philly. You need to ask for Scott, the owner of the shop. He does the best flats in the area, all free hand. He gets all of the cops for flats and other short cuts. I've mostly seen him do high and tight flattops, especially when the cops are in. But he does longer flattops too.

Submitted 4 Mar 2017 by tokelly83

G&S Barbershop
5 Preakness Shopping Center
Wayne, NJ
Tel: 973-694-3159
URL: http://gandsbarbershop.com/

Great, clean, old-fashioned Barbershop! Four barbers on duty. For the best traditional flattop, or the best horseshoe flattop in NJ, see Chris - the owner. He's a great barber that prides himself on going short. Besides lathering up to shave the back, sides, and landing strip using a straight razor, if asked he'll shave a second time against the grain using a safety razor. The other barbers are also excellent with both traditional and contemporary styles. All are skilled with using a straight razor and I've seen many head shaves.

Beginning on May 30, 2017, Chris will be accepting appointments for $20.00 haircuts.

Submitted 29 Apr 2017 by FLATTOP_NJ

New Mexico

Zeke’s Classic Edge
5617 Menaul Blvd NE
Albuquerque, NM

If you’re looking for a flattop in the Albuquerque area. Zeke is your guy! Truly the best barber I’ve been to and a true flattop specialist. I’ve gotten many different variations from him, all perfection! He’s the only barber around I’ve found that understands how to do a true horseshoe flattop. A super nice guy too!

Submitted 14 Mar 2022 by Anon

Webmaster: A reviewer wrote in to tell us that Zeke has gotten very busy, and that you should book an appointment well in advance if you want to see him.

Submitted 9 Jun 2023

New York

Greg's Barber Shop
133 East Bank Street
Albion, NY

Randomly found this gem of a barbershop passing through Albion on the way to a friend’s house. There are a few other shops in the town but past experience told me the nondescript ones usually give the best cuts (flat screen TVs, pool tables, etc. all don’t matter to me, the end product is what’s important). Greg’s is at the end of the strip and no frills but what your dad’s barbershop was. A single chair shop with a true gentleman of a barber who is great at his craft. When I walked in one guy was in the chair getting a shorter cut. The second customer worked at the local corrections facility. I had stopped at Greg’s with the hopes of getting a good flattop… to my surprise the customer before me got exactly that, so I was able to see Greg’s handiwork before I sat down in the chair. The corrections officer’s flat was perfectly sculpted. When I sat down I said “I’ve never been able to say this before, but give me the same as the last guy!”. Greg verified it was what I wanted (it was, my current cut was 5 weeks old and didn’t resemble a flat much at all). He went to work and it was absolutely perfect, complete with a nice hot lather shave around the ears/neck. He even uses the old school vacuum when he was done to get rid of the loose hair and applied an aftershave to the sides of my head that was so refreshing on a hot summer day. He even spun me around and asked if he had cut it short enough for me. If another father/son weren't waiting, I would have had him take it even shorter just for fun but it was truly perfect. Limited hours are the only downfall. He’s open Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays from 9:30-2:00. Cut was $13 and he chased me out the door saying I’d tipped too much. It’s about 40 minutes from where I live but I will make a point to get back to his shop as his skills are A+.

Submitted 7 Aug 2021

Carm's Barbershop
344 Military Rd
Buffalo, NY

Carm's is a two chair shop in a somewhat seedy part of Buffalo, but they've been there forever and are part of the dwindling cadre of barbers that can cut flats and don't hesitate when you ask for one. I had Sonny (bald barber) in the first chair closest to the door.

You face the mirror the entire time, he used corded Oster clippers. The flat turned out good, it was almost angled downward/forward... not sure how to describe it exactly but my silhouette still showed a perfect flat when I was walking down the sidewalk. Make sure to specify if you want the sides taken down to the skin, I still had some fuzz so I suspect he used a 0 blade.

Hot lather shave around neck and ears to finish, $20 as of 2022.

Submitted 1 Nov 2022

Andrew's Barber Parlor (33 images)
191 Main St.
East Aurora, NY
Tel: (716) 714-9811
URL: www.instagram.com/andrewsbarberparlor

This place is a great choice to get a flattop, if you're in the area. It's a two chair shop, mostly traditional looking, but with some art around the shop that's more punk/alternative. The owner, Andrew, does excellent flattops. He does them clipper over comb and freehand, with great technique. I'd go to them for any haircut - I've seen some cool slicked haircuts and mohawks there too.

Submitted 20 Jan 2017

After the COVID restrictions lifted, I decided to get a flattop and was able to get in with CJ (the owner, his last name is Andrews). I've had maybe five flats in my life and my curly/wavy hair is not easy. I say this with no hesitation, it was the best haircut I've ever had in my life and my self-confidence was through the roof. I've never received more compliments on a cut in my life. The bad news: he doesn't accept new clients and they're usually pretty solidly booked - for good reason. But, I have to give credit where it's due.

Submitted 8 Nov 2020

Village Barber Shop
36 North Main Street
Fairport, NY
Tel: (585) 388-0141

This is the type of barbershop that's on the endangered species list. A true throwback, no frills shop straight out of the 60s or 70s. Chairs are ancient (but very comfortable) and the shop furnishings are clearly original. It is what a barbershop is... not one with flat screens, loud music and a pool table. Right in the village of Fairport it truly is a piece of Americana (or as Kramer would say 'Anytown, USA."

Both barbers are getting up there in age. I had Roger 1st chair closest to the door. It's a two chair shop. After COVID, they switched to appointment only and do it a little differently. You just get whoever is available at that time (from what I gather at least, you may be able to request but when Roger finished, I was next up so that's how I got him). Hours are very abbreviated, 10a-2p Tues - Sat (I think those days at least, not 100% sure).

Roger uses Osters, is a little shy at first to go short (I asked him to turn my 3 week old flat back into a flat and skin the sides high). He started with a 1 on the sides, showed me and I said he could take it all the way down.

The flat was great, perfectly flat. No landing strip (I didn't ask for one so again I think he was a little hesitant to go too short, but it turned out great). We didn't speak a word during the cut though I'm sure I could have if I wanted to, but I like just relaxing. No straight razor finish around the neck/ears but you do get the old school hair vac all over so there aren't any stray hars when you're done. Cost of the cut as of July 2022 - $15!

If you're anywhere near Rochester, NY - get here while you can before they hang up the clippers.

Submitted 2 Jul 2022

The Real Barbers
2684 Elmwood Ave
Kenmore, NY
Tel: (716) 982-0729
URL: https://www.facebook.com/therealbarbers/

Rich is a great flattop barber. I've only been once (stopped wearing a flat). He was featured in The Buffalo News at one point I believe and the article referenced someone driving several hours from Pennsylvania just because of Rich's flattop skills. Highly recommend!

Submitted 28 Oct 2017

Arkadiy's Barber Shop
373 W. 52nd Street
New York, NY
Tel: (212) 262-4950

Hey guys, Arkadiy's on W. 52nd Street is an excellent shop for a flattop. I've been to him many times when I lived in the neighborhood. Arkadiy is the owner, and works in the first chair, closest to the window. He takes his time and makes sure your flat is nice and level.

Submitted 2 Dec 2016 by NYCrew

Ludlow Blunt
85 N 3rd St
New York, NY
Tel: (718) 388-8288
URL: www.ludlowblunt.com

While this shop might be one of the priciest places you could go for a flattop in America, it's also one of the best. Russell Manley is the owner and star barber at the amazing Brooklyn SALON. Yes, you read correctly: salon. And the prices reflect standard NYC haircut prices ($75, I believe). But the interior and shop decor is nothing but classic barber shop. Russell is never afraid to go short, and he is a flattop master. Russell is a friendly British guy, with great style and a full beard. And he wields a flattop comb like no other. He truly understands the shape and geometry of a flattop. And will take the time to make sure that it comes out perfect. There is no better place for a flattop in NYC. You won't regret splurging on a cut from Russell.

Submitted 8 Jan 2017 by truebelieverx

Gayle's Barber Shop
2059 Military Rd
Niagara Falls, NY
Tel: 7162979265
URL: https://www.facebook.com/gaylesbarbershop/

COVID-19 restrictions closed down my two regular shops in Western New York. Had to hunt for another place that I was confident could do a flattop. Gayle's had a Google review that said the guy's been getting his flattop cut there for 20 years, and it's a stone's throw away from the Air Force Base in Niagara Falls so I figured it was a good bet. It was! There are three barbers, two chairs (they rotate - two guys and the owner's daughter). Lorraine, the owner's daughter gave me my flat and did an excellent job. She didn't go extreme at first and asked if I wanted to take about half the top off which was perfect. She said lots like to go horseshoe but I didn't want to go that extreme. It's a very no frills, old school barber shop. Currently you sign in and wait in the car as they don't allow waiting in the shop. I was in and out in about 30 minutes with a hot lather neck shave to finish it off. Would definitely go back!

Submitted 4 Dec 2020

Walt's Barbershop
1125 Oliver St
North Tonawanda, NY
URL: https://www.facebook.com/Walts-Barbershop-164648667301/

A good no-frills old two chair shop for a quick, utilitarian flat. You're in and out of the chair in 15-20 minutes with a good flattop. Figured I couldn't go wrong when they have "Providing old school barber techniques in hair cutting for men and boys. Specializing in short, military haircuts, flat tops, fades and long hair. Established in 1955. Family owned and operated" on their Facebook. The Marine Corps emblem on the wall was another reassurance. I asked for a flat with high skin and got just that, though the skin was clippered so you have the sandpaper stubble which was ok. Razor around ears and neck. Open late on Thursdays when it's only the father(?) working, no waiting when I went in. Not easy to find shops that can cut flats nowadays, but this is one of them. Cost of the cut was $15 (Jun 2022), so more than fair.

Submitted 10 Jun 2022

Vincent's Barber Shop
613 Bay Street
Staten Island, NY
Tel: 917-65s7-7400

A great old school neighborhood barber shop, open seven days a week that actively promote and provide excellent and precise flattops. Emilio the first chair barber is the man you want to see for a flattop, he does an outstanding job. There are two other barbers working, I am sure they cut flattops, but I have only gone to Emilio. You will not be disappointed - he can do all types of flattops to your request.

Submitted 20 Jun 2022 by FlatsVA

Bill's American Barbershop
4337 NY-150
West Sand Lake, NY

No-nonsense barber in a classic shop with an old school feel. Bill's a Marine with some memorabilia on display. You'll get one of the best flats you could with Bill, all in under 30 minutes. If you get "the zero" you'll get the sides and back quickly bic'd at the end of the flat and be given "the monkey's ass" which is a hilarious description of a flattop (and an old Marine term for the cut according to Bill). Highly recommend this shop if you can get to it. Not far off the thruway.

Submitted 5 Dec 2021

Burns Barber Shop
1030 Union Road
West Seneca, NY
Tel: (716) 674-1651
URL: http://burnsbarbershop.com/

Multi-chair shop with mostly younger barbers now, but the one you want for a flattop is Wayne. Wayne was at the "other" Burns shop on Harlem Rd for many years until Burns himself passed away and that shop closed. This one was the original shop I believe.

Wayne is well known as the "Flattop king" of WNY and has guys come from all over the area for his flats.

Cuts are $25, Wayne works on Thursdays and Fridays.

Submitted 12 Jan 2021

Fred's Hair Style
1838 Maple Road
Williamsville, NY
Tel: 7166885208
URL: https://www.facebook.com/FredsHairstyle/?ref=page_internal

Not often I want to write a review right after getting home from a place, but Fred's deserves it. I had been many years ago (prob 15-20) and then had moved away. Moved back to the area recently and started wearing a flattop.. not a cut that every barber has mastered.

Based on two Google reviews, I gave them a shot on a whim on a Saturday. Minimal wait time, and I got David. He has cut lots of flats, but even admitted that Laura is the "Flat top queen". Well if that's the case, he's at the very least the "Duke" because he did an outstanding job. Was very thorough to get it standing up straight before he began cutting (always a good sign) and then I would bet he cut it at least three times to get it perfect. I was thrilled. To my surprise, he wasn't satisfied with how my cowlicks were looking in the back, so he had Laura tag in to get it extra perfect... where do you ever see someone 1) admit they could do better and 2) ask for help. I was blown away... and as I told them both "you could have fooled me, I thought it looked great before!"

It was perfectly cut and perfectly flat. Will definitely return and both David and Laura are incredibly skilled with flattops. Highly recommend. Cut was $20, a bargain for the time and effort he put in.

Submitted 16 Jan 2021

Nino's Barber Shop
8310 Main Street
Williamsville, NY

Great little hometown shop that's in the front part of his house, with a "FLATTOP" sign in the window. You know if they're advertising them, then they can cut them. Nino is an old school Italian barber who can cut perfect flattops, complete with one of the smoothest razor shaves you can have for the sides. His daughter is sometimes working too and cuts them as well. Hot towel, but not hot lather but still the smoothest I've had my sides. ~$35 as of January 2022.

Submitted 18 Feb 2023

North Carolina

Plaza Barbershop
10948 N Main St L
Archdale, NC
Tel: (336) 434-1216
URL: https://www.facebook.com/plazabarberarchdale/

Plaza Barbershop is the go-to place for a Flattop. I have been sporting a Flattop for over a year and have always had a great experience with this shop. After searching around central North Carolina to find the perfect Barber to cut this iconic haircut with such precision, at first was hard. Plaza Barbershop has a total of five great barbers. I always go to either Cliff or Keith to cut my Flattop. If you prefer a short horseshoe-style Flattop, I would suggest Cliff, but for a standard more square Flattop, I would suggest Keith. All of the barbers are great at what they do but these are the two that I go to most. I always request the sides to be shaved down with the box shaver and the top to be cut, you know, flat. I come here every two weeks to keep the shape of my Flattop neat and tidy. If you're looking for the best barbers to cut your hair in any way, especially a Flattop, Plaza Barbershop is the place to go!

Submitted 14 Nov 2023 by Peyton C.

Graham Barber Shop (16 images)
117 N Main St
Graham, NC
Tel: (336) 684-2368
URL: www.facebook.com/GrahamBarbershop

Donnie and Bil came in and renovated the old barbershop next to the cinema a few years back. It's a classic, old fashioned type of barbershop. They specialize in flattops and other military cuts, and they'll even do a straight razor shave for you if you want it. Never have to worry about a botched flattop here - they know how to do em right, and can even do it freehand. Personally I go to Donnie for my flattops, but they both do plenty of em.

Submitted 26 Feb 2017

Want to say that Bill and Donnie are great with flattops. Perfect flattops every time. The shop was busy when I was there waiting over an hour and saw them cut four flattops between the two of them.

For pictures of their flattops, go to Yelp:


Submitted 16 Apr 2017

A flattop aficionado has informed us that the owner of this shop and flattop master, Donnie, has sold the shop and moved on to a different career. A sad loss for barbering, but we wish him the best with his new pursuits. We'll leave this listing up as a tribute to an excellent barber shop and it's legacy.

The shop still exists, but we hear that they don't specialize in flattops anymore.

Submitted 27 Apr 2024 by admin

South Hills Barber Shop
1303 Buck Jones Rd.
Raleigh, NC
Tel: (919) 467-8722
URL: www.southhillsbarbershop.com

There are three barbers here -- Lyle, Nick and Jamie. All three are good at flattops though I almost always go with Lyle. Lyle does a great flattop with back, sides and landing strip lathered and shaved with hot towels. They have hot towel steamers, so a real plus. They also do longer flattops as well and do a great job on these.

They do lots of flattops here so if it's your first time, a good chance you'll see one of them craft a crisp, sharp flattop. There is typically a long wait of an hour so be prepared. There's a great donut shop next door as well.

Submitted 20 Nov 2016 by htflatnc

Airport Barber Shop
3475 Airport Blvd NW # J
Wilson, NC
Tel: (252) 243-8746
URL: www.facebook.com/Airport-Barber-Shop-105859142915036/

I tried this barbershop, as mine was closed for the long Thanksgiving weekend. I'm glad I did. Looking at pictures of the barbers on Facebook, it was clear they knew what short, sharp haircuts were since they wore them themselves.

Andy gave me a great flattop. He was very attentive to detail, and knew what he was doing. I got him to clipper shave the back and sides and go the landing strip with the edgers. Lots of butch wax and blow dryer towards the end of the haircut, with a very squared away look that was perfected. Hot lather neck shave at the end.

The shop is just off I-95 (about 5 minutes or less), so it's very convenient if you're traveling that way. I got there early, so I did not have to wait. But the place filled up while I was getting my flattop. Would have been a long (hour +) wait if I had waited.

Submitted 27 Nov 2016 by htflatnc


Railway Barbershop
36840 Detroit Road
Avon, OH

Got a great flattop from Kevin. He's the owner, and does killer flats. He got started cutting hair in the military, and he can do great military haircuts. The shop gives a discount for veterans too. If you're in the area and looking for a good flattop barber I'd definitely recommend Kevin at Railway.

Submitted 22 Apr 2019 by Buzzguy30

Nicolleti Hair Stylists
27629 Chagrin Blvd
Cleveland, OH

The place advertises itself as a salon, but there are some seriously good barbers here. I had Lisa when I went there, told her I wanted a flattop, and she knew exactly what to do. It ended up being a complete grooming experience. She started off with a shampoo, cut/buzzed me, conditioned after, and did a hot towel at the end. She definitely subscribes to the old style of flattops, so if you are looking for someone who will give you a great boxy flattop, go see her.

Submitted 8 Jul 2017

Hello Everyone, I just had a client tell me I was listed here! I am so excited! Thank you for the great review - The Flattop is one of my MOST favorite cuts to do...along wit shaving someone's head or face!

Just wanted to let you all know that I have opened my own shop:

It's All About the Experience

4953 Brainard Road

Orange, Ohio 44022

You can book online at - www.LisaTheBarber. com

Thank you again! - Lisa

Submitted 28 Oct 2021 by LisaTheBarber


Off Base Barber Shop
4750 SE 29th Street
Del City, OK
Tel: 405-604-6897

This is an old-fashioned barbershop located just up the street from Tinker Air Force Base in the Oklahoma City area. Robert is the owner and also a barber in the shop. He can do all kinds of haircuts, but he is especially skilled when it comes to flat tops and military styles. If you tell him you want it military he will take it down nice and tight, and he will make sure it looks perfect when you leave. Over the last several years I have regularly made the trek from Tulsa to OKC to let him work his magic. He can cut it nice and boxy or beveled, and he will leave a nice landing strip in it if that’s what your looking for. This guy does several flat tops a day and I have not found anybody else that can match his precision. He will go as tight as you request and he will Norelco the sides and back completely bald if you ask. All this for $12. Super nice guy and a very skilled barber .

Submitted 2 May 2018 by Mike H.


Oregon City Barbershop
19376 Molalla
Oregon City, OR
Tel: 5035182665

Scott the owner gives the best flattop or horseshoe flattop I have ever gotten. I went there for several years before I moved out of Portland and have not found anyone who cuts like Scott. Every haircut is on target perfectly skinned high and tight. He will razor shave the sides as well. If you are serious about a flattop haircut and in Portland this is the shop to go too. You will not regret it.

Submitted 5 Oct 2017 by Dave L.

Heritage Barbershop
2137 B East Burnside
Portland, OR
Tel: (503) 899-7066
URL: heritagebarbershop.com

Brian the owner of the shop does an amazing flat top and likes to go really short and doesn’t hesitate to use the foil shave. Excellent barber and shop

Submitted 6 Aug 2021 by jjmrks


Popjoy's Barber Shop
886 Horseshoe Pike
Downingtown, PA
Tel: 484-459-6369
URL: www.popjoysbarbershop.com

This is a traditional men's barbershop, with a classic barbershop experience. There's only one barber, Allen, an older guy (60-ish). He does a neck shave with hot towels. He's a nice guy, and tries to make it a very pleasant barber shop experience. The hours are limited, because he works another full-time job. He opens his shop in afternoon/evening most days, and all day Saturday.

Allen is very good with flattops, both hnt flats and boxy flattops. But he does all styles... short clipper cuts, longer cuts with scissors, etc. He's very good with all kinds of cuts, and he listens to what you want.

He goes by appointment, and I'd suggest booking in advance. It used to be easy to call the same day that you wanted to go in and get an open spot. Recently he has become much busier, and it isn't always easy to get an appointment on the day you want it, so it is best to book several days ahead. He charges $16 for most cuts.

Submitted 27 Jan 2017

South Carolina

Old Fashioned Barber Shop
2243 Leaphart Rd
West Columbia, SC
Tel: 8039260700

As the name says, this is a good old fashioned, family barbershop with three chairs. Dale, who is the barber in the first chair, and whose father and brother were barbers, cuts excellent flattops. He knows how to get the shape and proportions just right for that classic look and has a real eye for detail. He has all the necessary tools and products of the trade, including the classic Oster clippers and butch wax. All haircuts end with a warm lather shave around the neck and ears. I looked all over Columbia to find this shop, and I endured many bad haircuts in the process. I’m posting here so you don’t have to. The shop is close to both I-77 and I-20 if you’re passing through and need a haircut.

Submitted 10 Dec 2017 by FlattopBob

I second the post above about Dale. He is the best flattop barber in Columbia and cuts a lot of them. I keep mine 000 on the sides and back and Dale is good to remember this. He keeps a log of all of his customers and records the specifics of their cut. I really admire his attention to detail. Have never left disappointed.

Submitted 12 Mar 2018

I was headed from from FL back to TN in my RV and based on the two reviews above decided to detour to this shop to get a clean-up. I usually wear a horseshoe flattop but had let it go for almost a month while on vacation. Dale did not disappoint, and I wish I lived closer. Will stop again in the future. Saw one other expertly cut flat while waiting.

Submitted 23 Jun 2018

Dale has moved into a room at the back of the shop. He's there on Monday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday cutting perfect flattops!

Submitted 6 Oct 2019


Lucky 7 Barbershop
2206 E Amarillo Blvd
Amarillo, TX
Tel: (806) 803-0123
URL: https://www.facebook.com/Lucky7Barbershop.07/

Great newer shop with old barbershop feel. Stephanie is the owner and does an amazing job with flattops. She will cut exactly the way yo want it and is very precise/meticulous.

Submitted 1 Jul 2022 by Docbrock

Robert's Flat Top Shop
2303 W Parmer Ln
Austin, TX
Tel: (512) 699-7659

Robert is the son of Pete, who owned and operated Pete's Flat Top Shop for over 30 years. Robert continues the family tradition of real men's barbering and a deep love of flattops. I was in Austin on business, and I had to stop by, having heard about the history. Robert is a top notch barber and a great conversationalist, especially when the subject is flattops. You know you're talking to a flattop specialist when he knows all the terminology, and the difference between, regular, horseshoe, high and tight, boxy, beveled etc.

If you're looking for a great flat top and happen to be in Austin, Robert's is a must.

Submitted 4 Dec 2016 by Clipperaddict

Capitol City Barbershop (16 images)
11525 Manchaca Rd, Ste 103
Austin, TX
Tel: (512) 992-0561
URL: www.facebook.com/capitolcitybarbershop

This is a great shop to get a precision flattop. Alex is my go to guy here. His cuts are perfect. High and tights, horseshoes, longer styles, he can do whatever you want, tabletop flat and square. If you're looking for a quality flattop in South Austin, give this place a go.

Submitted 29 Jan 2017

Frisco Barber Shop
6201 Technology Drive, Suite 114
Frisco, TX
Tel: (972) 335-9104
URL: www.friscobarbershop.com/

Clean shop with traditional barber chairs. Blue is the owner, former marine and the flat top master. He's not afraid to take it tight. He will electric razor the sides and back for you. He's familiar with flat top terms such as whitewalls, landing strip, boxy, beveled, regular, horseshoe. Appointments are required.

Submitted 4 Dec 2016 by Clipperaddict

Lone Star Barber Shop (7 images)
200 N. Main Street, Suite 101
Mansfield, TX
Tel: 817-225-2775
URL: www.lonestarbarbershop.com/

Juan, the owner, does just about the best freehanded flattops you'll ever see. He's highly experienced and skilled. I would trust him with any haircut you want, especially military haircuts. He's also great with kids, so don't be afraid to bring them along even if they're reluctant about the barber. Juan works by appointment only, so make sure to book one before you go in. You can book online at their website (Flattops are under the "men or boys specialty cuts" service).

Submitted 28 Jan 2017 by Anon

Jeremy's Barber Shop
107 S Chestnut St
McKinney, TX
Tel: (214) 641-5321
URL: (214) 641-5321

Traditional barber shop in downtown McKinney. Jeremy is the owner and the guy to go to for an amazing flattop. Appointment strongly recommended as he gets booked up. Not afraid to go short and will razor shave walls and landing strip on request. Takes his time and gets the deck super level. Recommend the hot lather shave too.

Submitted 4 Dec 2016 by Clipperaddict

Roosters Barbershop
100 E Loop 374
Mission, TX
Tel: (956) 313-8895
URL: https://www.instagram.com/officialteamroosters/

The owner, Steve, does an amazing flattop. He calls himself a flattop specialist. His cuts are crisp and sharp, and he can do a skin tight horseshoe with a bald landing strip and perfectly flat deck. His longer flattops are very well done as well. And he's a younger barber too! Sometimes it seems like the art of the flattop is lost, but it's great to see a new generation doing them right. I definitely recommend this shop if you find yourself in the area.

Submitted 12 Oct 2018


Eastman’s Barbershop
2364 W 12600 S
Riverton, UT
Tel: (801) 502-4099
URL: eastmansbarbershop.resurva.com

Daelyn and his brother both do amazing flat tops and go super short like I like. Highly recommend

Submitted 6 Aug 2021 by jjmrks


Clay's Barbershop
1174 Williston Road Suite 4
South Burlington, VT
Tel: 802-660-4845

Clay's is a 1 man shop. Been in business for more than 20 years now. Clay is great at all types of haircuts, including flattops. done to perfection. Clay takes his time, so they come out right. I've been going to Clay for 10 years now, and am always very satisfied with the cut. The shop is modern with antique barrel chairs. Lots of parking, good price. Probably the best barber in Burlington.

Submitted 25 Aug 2017 by David V.


The Neighborhood Barber Shop
417 W Broad Street #103
Falls Church, VA
Tel: 703-992-7810
URL: theneighborhoodbarbershop.com

If you are looking for an old school barbershop with great conversation and atmosphere, attention to detail and a great flattop haircut, this is your shop. I have had both Dustin (owner) and John cut mine and they do a great job. You will not be disappointed and will be leaving with a level head. You will need to make an appointment.

Submitted 16 Jul 2017 by FlatsVA


Squire Barbershop
1917 2nd Avenue
Seattle, WA
Tel: (206) 622-7871
URL: www.squirebarbershop.com

Squire Barbershop is right in the middle of downtown Seattle. It's a nice mix of an old school barbershop with some modern, urban feel to it. I got a real nice flattop from David, who owns the shop. He can do a longer boxy flattop or a nice short horseshoe, whatever you please. Every barber has their own style with flattops, and his was quite unique for me. He took the front down shorter and tilted it forward more than barbers usually do for me. The result was great, and it was fun to try a new style of flattop. The shop is a bit expensive, but definitely give it a go if you're in the area.

Submitted 16 Oct 2018